Cranberry Moscow Mule

Have you jumped on the Moscow Mule train yet? Do it! There is a reason this drink is trending and has been for awhile. They are super tasty, really fun, AND really versatile. My favorite right now is the Cranberry Moscow Mule. It is the perfect combination of sweet...

Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas to Warm your Winter Party

One of the best things about the fall and winter season is all the fun parties you can have. I LOVE any reason to get together with my friends or family. The tricky thing is to come up with some sort of reason for getting together. I mean what will everyone do besides...

Lumberjack First Birthday Party

This Lumberjack First Birthday Party has the perfect amount of buffalo plaid- lots! It also has many wood elements to complete the rustic theme. The tree trunk cake is a definite show stopper and it is completely easy to DIY. The best news is that you will be able to...


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